Applying Engineering Methods to Physiological Systems
Physiology for Engineers
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Designed as ideal introduction for aspiring biomedical engineers.


An introduction to physiology and biomedical technology from an engineering viewpoint

Engineering Methods

Explains cellular, physiological and biomedical systems through the application of engineering methods and mathematical principles

Worked Examples

Contains embedded examples that build on the principles introduced, aimed to help the reader gain knowledge and build confidence inlcuding detailed solutions.


Texts that apply physcial sciences principles and language to describe biomedical topics and technology.

Physiology for Engineers
Michael Chappell & Stephen Payne
Principles of Medical Imaging for Engineers
Michael Chappell


Physiology for Engineers was born out of teaching developed for biomedical engineering students at the University of Oxford.


Michael & Stephen were previously part of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Oxford where they both originally studied.


Michael Chappell

Professor of Biomedical Imaging
University of Nottingham


Stephen Payne

National Taiwan University